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    The Fourth Forum

    2012 the fourth overseas Chinese Forum on economic cooperation in the Central Plains

    Time: September 2012 16-18 days

    Location: Pingdingshan City, Henan Province

    Organizer: Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, the people's Government of Henan Province

    Co organizer: China overseas Chinese Investment Enterprises Association

    Organizer: Henan Provincial People's Government Foreign Affairs Office, Pingdingshan Municipal People's Government

    16 to 18 September 2012, the fourth session of the Chinese Central Plains Economic Cooperation Forum (hereinafter referred to as the "China Forum"), was successfully held in the city, both investment and talent, technology, have made fruitful achievements. In the forum preparation and organized process, closely with the city at all levels and the relevant departments and staff, elaborate organization, solid do a comprehensive coordination, reception service, investment selection publicity promotion, the comprehensive improvement of the appearance of the city, security etc. the preparatory work, successful completion of the scheduled target, for the success of the fourth session of the "China Joint Forum" organized to provide a strong guarantee. In recognition of the advanced, the municipal Party committee and the city government decided to the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office record collective work 1 times, awarded the Municipal Office of 22 units of the fourth "China Joint Forum" in the title of advanced unit, grant Yang Yingfeng 129 comrades of the fourth session of the "China Joint Forum" advanced individual.

    "China Forum" as rooted in the Central Plains, facing world affairs attracting talent from overseas cited an important platform for technology, for the cohesion of the overseas Chinese and overseas intelligence collection, to play overseas forces, speeding up the central rise Henan revitalization has important significance. We should conscientiously sum up, scientific use, and constantly enhance the level and level of investment, opening up. The forum to "Central Economic Zone Construction of continuous and ascension" as the theme, the development situation, development opportunities have more sober understanding and grasp, more determined in advance of the confidence and determination to build a well-off society in an all-round way in the province. And take this opportunity, as a driving force, more solid and effective to do the work, and strive to build the Central Plains Economic Zone has more and better play.

    The current "China Forum" was held successfully in the party's eighteen upcoming occasion an important affairs event, for in-depth implementation of the "Twelfth Five Year" planning and promote the rise of central China strategy, has especially important significance to promote the sound and rapid economic and social development in the Central Plains Economic Area. The current "China synthetic forum" uphold the principle of "cooperation, win-win and development" purposes, to promote at home and abroad and overseas Chinese exchanges and cooperation as the main line, is a session more scale, more features, more fruitful event, by the praise of the participating merchants and people from all walks of life, to achieve the expected goal.

    Current "China synthetic forum" published 1438 investment projects, will be signed a total of 51 projects, total investment amount 557.15 billion yuan RMB, signing project average investment is obviously higher than those of the previous, to optimize the economic structure, promote industrial upgrading will play an important role in promoting. From the perspective of the introduction of talent, the results quite good. During the forum, the successful hosting of the recruitment of the general assembly, the recruitment of units 213, the candidates reached 11000 people, more than 6000 people to reach the intention of employment. According to the overseas high-level talents, also held a talent recruitment information release and project cooperation Fair, signed 17 all kinds of technical cooperation and intelligence cooperation projects; signing 2 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Distinguished Professor of 30 people. Pingdingshan city government also hired a new 10 bit of powerful and influential Chinese business leaders, experts and scholars served as economic adviser to the city government, pulse for local economic and social development, "China Joint Forum" to recruit talents to strengthen further.

    The forum theme distinctive pragmatic forum to "Central Economic Zone Construction of continuous and ascension" as the theme, inviting more than the authority of experts and renowned scholars and business elite gave a wonderful speech, from the multi angle, deep, full range explains the current Henan Province is faced with opportunities and challenges, the construction of area of Central Plains economy put forward many scientific, forward-looking and the opinions and suggestions of the operation, for Henan in the crisis correctly judge the situation, seize the opportunity, accelerate the promoting the area of Central Plains economy scientific development will play a positive role.

    This forum has a wider impact on the scope of the radiation, the business registration is positive, a total of 1327 domestic and foreign merchants to sign up for the participants, respectively, from 34 countries and regions. Among them, the key overseas merchants and merchants signed up to 700 people, more than the previous activities. From the forum preparatory to forum held during the period, more than 100 more than 30 media reporters were multi angle, all-round coverage, to further improve the "China Joint Forum" the visibility and influence, enhance the attention of the General Chamber of Commerce in Henan, Henan investment enthusiasm. During the forum, also held a China News Agency the 60 anniversary of the founding of the Agency (Henan Province) to celebrate community and "overseas Zhongyuan bridge" forum, "hundreds of Henan's Eagle City" features, such as special events, Fuxin City, Liaoning Province, also held a special investment, "China joint Forum" brand into the further promotion.

    The forum to "Central Economic Zone Construction of continuous and ascension" as the theme, to "cooperation, win-win and development" for the purpose, will further unite the overseas Chinese, overseas intelligence collection accelerate the revitalization of Pingdingshan City and the Central Plains and the rise.